The New Lootpop

The new Lootpop is here, bringing you tons of money-saving offers in Malaysia.
Matthew Phiong
Matthew Phiong
23 Aug 2021
The New Lootpop

Some of you may have heard of Lootpop few years ago. The idea as an online freebie marketplace to connect businesses and consumers through freebies. For some reasons, it didn't get pass the idea stage. That's the old Lootpop.

The old Lootpop :)

Today, the new Lootpop is here with the same mission—help businesses grow and help consumers save.

The new Lootpop is a money-saving app that helps you save with the best offers and at the same time helping businesses reach a wider audience, not just with freebies but offers in general. This could be deals, giveaways, contests, etc.

It's currently web-based only but we are working on the mobile app. Ultimately we want you to be able to get personalized offers directly on your phone.

While we are working on the app, check out the best offers in Malaysia at https://lootpop.com/my.

Save money with Lootpop.

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