A Buttery Chinese New Year Contest
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A Buttery Chinese New Year Contest

Celebrate Chinese New Year with A Buttery Chinese New Year contest by Kuali and stand a chance to win amazing stand mixers!
A Buttery Chinese New Year Contest

Welcome, Kuali Bakers! Kuali is back to celebrate Chinese New Year and all the yummy treats that come with it by giving away amazing stand mixers for the most incredible Chinese New Year cookies submissions!

To enter their giveaway, all you need to do is serve up your most fantastic Chinese New Year cookies using Anchor Butter.

Contest Mechanics:

1. Bake ANY Chinese New Year cookies with Anchor Butter.

2. Post a picture of the cookies with Anchor Butter on your Facebook and/or Instagram with the name of your cookies and add the hashtags #cookwithAnchorDairy #KualiAnchorContest #KualiBakers #AnchorGoldenIndulgence #AButteryCNY. Remember to set the post status to ‘Public’!

3. Email the URL of your Facebook and/or Instagram post to [email protected]

4. Sign up and join the Kuali Bakers Community (KBC) at bit.ly/kualibakers.

Note: All KBC members will be rewarded 1 extra point during the judging process, so be sure to become a KBC member to boost your chances of winning!

5. Winners will be selected based on uniqueness and creativity, technique, and appealing colour combinations. The entries will be assessed by a group of professional judges including chefs & food editors.

Winners will be notified via email or phone by 11 February 2022. If a winner is not contactable after three (3) attempts, he/she will be automatically disqualified, and the next winner will be selected.