Dutch Lady Tap & Win Contest
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Dutch Lady Tap & Win Contest

Join Dutch Lady Tap & Win contest and win from prizes worth up to RM15,000.
Dutch Lady Tap & Win Contest

SURE WIN prizes up to RM15,000 just by joining Dutch Lady Tap & Win! Just 4 easy steps, what are you waiting for? Join now! ​

Step 1: Buy a minimum of 2 packs to join (Dutch Lady Juicy Milk 200ml x 4 or Dutch Lady MARVEL UHT 180ml x 4) ​

Step 2: Register your personal details and submit your receipt ​

Step 3: Play ‘Tap & Win’ game and you will be rewarded with SURE WIN E-Wallet credit ​

Step 4: Share your score on Facebook to get more chances to win a Nintendo Switch with every submission! ​