Get Paid to Sleep with Sonno
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Get Paid to Sleep with Sonno

Be a sleep executive at Sonno to earn RM3000 or SGD1500 per month by sleeping 8 hours a day on Sonno mattress.
Get Paid to Sleep with Sonno

The hunt for our next Sleep Executive in Malaysia and Singapore is back! If you love sleep more than anything else, apply now and earn RM3,000 to sleep. Chou chous/bantal busuks are welcome at interviews.

If it ain’t for you, tag a sleepyhead you know who’ll do the product testing. Perhaps a buddy in Singapore who likes to snooze and could use S$1,500. 😴

Sonno is on the hunt for the biggest sleep lover out there to snooze away on our Sonno mattress. Yup, Sonno is paying you to sleep. It’s quite literally a “dream job”.

We understand that this year has been difficult and sleeping, our favourite thing to do, has been affected as well. That’s why we need your help to share how the pandemic has changed your sleep and how we can help you sleep better. You’ll also be on a mission to help others get more restful sleep too.

Aside from a never ending passion for sleep, you will need to be social media savvy as well.

To complete your sleep mission, you will need to:

  • Sleep continuously for 8 hours every night
  • Record and document your sleep journey on social media (include your social media profiles in your CV)
  • Be a good communicator with a fun personality
  • Be able to come with creative content about your sleep habits

Location: your bedroom.

Equipment provided - An upgraded Sonno Sleep Set including:

  • Sonno queen size mattress
  • 2 pillows
  • 1 Sonno bedsheet set
  • 1 bolster

Additional benefits: The Sonno Sleep Set is yours to keep FOREVER!

Apply to be a Sleep Executive at Sonno today: