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Hello We Can! Spread the Love for All Malaysians
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Hello We Can! Spread the Love for All Malaysians

Share your positive photo or a video with encouraging, inspirational, or cheerful message to fellow Malaysians on popular social networking sites with hashtag #HelloWeCan
Hello We Can! Spread the Love for All Malaysians

Have you done something good today? πŸ€” Here’s how: Post a photo/video on IG or TikTok and hashtag #HelloWeCan. πŸ’ͺ With each hashtag, RM10 will be donated to help mental health NGOs and NPOs like Women's Aid Org, Befrienders KL, MIASA (Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association Malaysia), and The Community & Sustainability Center - UMCares. You can post as many as you want! We will donate RM10 for EACH post. 😍

Additionally, RM10 GrabMart promo code will be sent to you! πŸ›’ So easy, FASTER POST!! πŸ’›

Best submission stands a chance to win RM3000! There're Bonus Prize awards like Most Inspiring, Most Heartwarming, Most Uplifting, Most Caring, and Most Touching. Winner gets to win cash prizes and Getha Bedding products.

How to Join:

  1. Post your content only on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok.
  2. Make sure your profile is set to public.
  3. Remember to include #HelloWeCan

Not sure what to post? Visit GSC's full contest guidelines here: https://gsc.com.my/main/contest-detail?id=d3226bfd-66dd-4c5f-9a6b-a685d030a841