Get a JINRO soju and play JINRO TAP TAP to win amazing prizes.

This offer is valid from 10 December 2021 to 10 January 2022 Malaysia Time (MYT).

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OMG! Christmas month is here. What is more exciting than the parties and gifts exchange? JINRO contest time! 🎅🎄

Challenge your tapping skills with JINRO Tap Tap and stand a chance to win Staycation Package (Malaysia) worth RM2,000 and other amazing prizes 🎁

Did we turn ON your Vacation Mode? ✈️👙🧳

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions: https://lnnk.in/hYb9

1.0 Eligibility

1.1 The “Jinro Tap Tap” (the “Contest”) is open to all non-Muslim Malaysian citizens, aged 21 years and above at the time of entry. Employees, representatives, family members, participating suppliers, agencies, dealers, service providers, promoters and/or interested persons connected to Magnum Wines & Spirits Sdn Bhd or its affiliated companies are strictly prohibited from participating in the Contest. Any ineligible entry submitted, will be summarily disqualified and thereafter non-appealable.

2.0 Duration

2.1 The Contest will run from 10:00AM of 10 December 2021 until 23:59PM, 09 January 2022 (the “Contest Period”). The Contest Organizer reserves the absolute right to shorten or extend the Contest Period if deemed necessary without the need to provide prior notice.

3.0 Jinro Tap Tap Game Instruction

3.1 Participants can scan the QR Code or login to www.jinromalaysiacampaign.com to participate the Contest. Choose a Jinro Toad (out of 3 choices) and press Play to proceed or press T&C to find out more information.

3.2 Participants are required to LIKE & FOLLOW @jinro.my Facebook and @jinro_my Instagram before proceeds to Registration.

3.3 There are 2 modes; PRACTICE mode and CONTEST mode.

3.4 With any purchase of Jinro Soju in ONE (1) single receipt, participants will get ONE (1) entry on CONTEST mode. Only valid for Receipt dated from 01 December 2021 to 31 December 2021. Otherwise, the entry will be disqualified.

3.5 The Receipt must be in good condition, with all the information on it clearly readable.

3.6 Entry with the same Receipt will result in disqualification; and no further correspondence or appeal will be entertained.

3.7 No maximum entry for the same participant.

3.8 In Registration, participant will need to fill up Name, Email, Phone Number and Receipt Number.

3.9 Participant can use the same Name, Email and Phone Number with another Receipt Number for another entry.

3.10 Participant is required to upload the Receipt.

3.11 Participant is required agree to the Contest Terms and Conditions in order to successfully Register. 3.12 After complete registration, game will start. Tap the screen to allow Jinro Toad to jump.

3.13 There will be Jinro Soju bottles on top and bottom. Measure your tap heights to go between the Jinro Soju bottles. The faster you tap, the higher Jinro Toad ascends. Once you stop, Jinro Toad will descend to the ground.

3.14 The main objective of the game is for Jinro Toad to stay afloat as far as possible without touching the Jinro Soju bottles or hitting the ground. If Jinro Toad touches the Jinro Soju bottles or reaches the ground, the game ends. Find the rhythm to either jump high or drop down to keep floating.

3.15 Score will be given after the game ends. Participant can play again by selecting HOME button or SHARE button to share to Facebook.

3.16 Participant can practice in PRACTICE mode to get the rhythm right before playing CONTEST mode. 3.17 Winners Selection

a) Week 1: Top 4 highest score of the week will be chosen

b) Week 2: Top 8 highest score of the week will be chosen

c) Week 3: Top 8 highest score of the week will be chosen

d) Week 4: Top 8 highest score of the week will be chosen

e) Week 5: Top 8 highest score of the week will be chosen

4.0 Prize & Winner Notification

4.1 Prizes

a) Grand Prize – Staycation Package (Malaysia) Worth RM2,000.00 x 6 units

b) Weekly Prize – JINRO Limited Edition Snow Globe x 5 units

c) Weekly Prize – JINRO Limited Edition Soju Glass Set x 10 units

d) Weekly Prize – JINRO Limited Edition Power Bank x 15 units

4.2 Winners will be notified by email and announced in JINRO Malaysia Facebook & Instagram. The decision is final and binding; and no further correspondence or appeal will be entertained.

4.3 Winners’ registration information will be authenticated before acknowledged. Winners must keep the original Receipt(s) because the original Receipt will to be collected by the Organizer upon notification for fulfillment. Please keep the original Receipt in good condition. Any damaged Receipt or photocopy will not be accepted. Failure to produce the original Receipt will result in disqualification.

4.4 Winners will be contacted within SEVEN (7) days after participation.

5.0 General

5.1 HiteJinro Global and Jinro Malaysia reserve the right to use, publish or display the names of the winners for advertising and publicity in any mode of publication, distribution or display without any

royalty or compensation payable to the winner and the winner hereby waives any claims or rights towards Jinro Malaysia and/or any of their related parties.

5.2 HiteJinro Global and Jinro Malaysia's decisions are final and conclusive and are not disputable.

5.3 Participants are advised to fully read and understand the Terms & Conditions applied and upon submitting for the Contest, participants are deemed to have accepted and agreed to the Terms & Conditions.

5.4 HiteJinro Global and Jinro Malaysia reserves the right to disqualify participant at any point of time during the Contest if deemed foul-play.

5.5 HiteJinro Global and Jinro Malaysia reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notices.

5.6 For any enquiries, participants can email to [email protected]

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