LEGO® Super Mario Championship Contest
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LEGO® Super Mario Championship Contest

Join and win LEGO® Super Mario™ sets worth over RM3,418 for even more hours of fun!
LEGO® Super Mario Championship Contest

BUILD! PLAY! WIN! Throw out the blueprints and get creative with LEGO® Super Mario™.

Bring your kids’ dream levels to life and submit a video of them playing their unique level. Stand to win LEGO® Super Mario prizes worth RM3,418 for endless hours of fun!

To enter a submission:

  1. Facilitate, in a supervisory role only, the Builder’s build of a LEGO® Super MarioTM level.
  2. Submit a video (max. 30 seconds) of the Builder playing the level with LEGO® MarioTM and/or LEGO® LuigiTM. Video must capture an overview of the level, as well as the fun and excitement while playing.
  3. Submit a photograph of the total coins earned by the Builder.

Contest ends on 17 Oct 2021, jump right in at lsmchampionship.com/my