Proviton STR Squat & Win Contest
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Proviton STR Squat & Win Contest

Stand a chance to win Proviton STR hamper worth RM200 by doing as many correct form squats in 3 minutes.
Proviton STR Squat & Win Contest

If there’s one exercise that has the ability to challenge most of the muscles in your body, it’s squats. Not only does it targets the lower body, but in order to perform this compound exercise correctly, one needs to activate and use several muscles above your waist.

Where are all the Squat Squads?? It’s time to pump up your lower body strength and get your hands on Proviton STR Hamper worth RM200!

What you need to do:

1) Record a video of yourself (in real time) doing as many squats as you can in 3 minutes

2) Each squat needs to have your thigh as least perpendicular to the floor

3) Make sure your form is correct

4) Upload the video on your Instagram account (Set your account to ‘Public’

5) Tag @Proviton_STR and include #ProvitonSTRSquatChallenge

10 Winners will be selected. Contest ends 29th of September 2021