Volvo Merchandise Giveaway
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Volvo Merchandise Giveaway

Follow, answer and share Volvo Ingress Swede's Instagram giveaway contest and stand a chance to win Volvo merchandise.
Volvo Merchandise Giveaway

Rev your engines!

With three easy steps, STAND A CHANCE TO WIN exclusive Volvo merchandise!

We will be picking one lucky winner who completes the following steps:

1. Follow @volvo.ingress.swede on Instagram

2. Share the answers of the correct pairs in the comments section & include hashtags #IngressSwedeNovemberContest #MatchTheVolvo

3. Share this post on your Instagram story, mention @volvo.ingress.swede & tag 3 friends to pass on the challenge

*Make sure your Instagram account is public

Find out who the winner is on the 29th of November. You don’t want to miss this one!